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  1. T31 Problems/Bugs
    I've been reading up on boost problems, and I'm currently getting to the stage where I'm investigating the boost actuator and maybe even sticky vanes, but, first thing first. Here's what's been going on: Bought a neglected 2009 T31 M9R760 - No undertray, sump pan leaking, only 3.5L of oil in...
  2. T32 Problems/Bugs
    Hi All, I have a 64 plate (2014) X-Trail T32 1.6 diesel. The vehicle had a low mileage when I bought it and since December 2020 I have increased the mileage up to 40,000. It is low for its age and generally the vehicle gets good runs between work and family visits all over 50 miles on motorway...
1-2 of 2 Results