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I am absolutely gutted. My beloved X-Trail has a problem with losing power sporadically.
I have spent thousands on her and this is the 1st time she’s broken and the garage have said it’s a common fault on Auto X-Trails but will cost about £1k plus!
you will see the work and money spent to get her into shape, the interior is immaculate including even the hooks for the boot cover! I’ve a spreadsheet of all work done after being bumped a few years ago (new side steps,
headlamps, etc).
Never let me down until now - 137k on clock.
I can drive as is, but I can’t risk it losing power on hills as I live in the Pennines on the tops!
I’ve asked the garage to take out the stereo/cam/ApplePlay as they were £800 alone.
Heater blower needs looking at, it’s blowing when switched off but when switched on it still works up the fan speed direction and heat/Air Con fine.
bit of rust starting on arches. I had the whole outside body conditioned a few years ago and hence it looks so great and these minors don’t detract from a lovely looking vehicle.
I need to get my number player removed too - I’d like it to go to someone to fix and use because it’s too good to just be spares it really is.
Just serviced and Mot’d in July - FSH stamped up. Got pics/history/details on request and happy to come have you see. I’m near Halifax. Ideally without stereo I’d like around £750? Comments welcomed
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