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HELP !!! :bow: Anyone else had problems like this ..............

We have a 2005 2.2 DCi Sport and reversing on an incline with our caravan (1340kg M.T.P.L.M) (1085kg M.R.O) has always been a problem from day one , at first we thought it maybe a fault with the trailers braking system as it was like trying to reverse into a brick wall (a bit like the diffs have locked up ) and a horrible smell of burning clutch so I never let it continue as far as to kill the clutch totally and pushed the van back by hand ………... :roll:

So we arranged to have the brakes looked at and they found nothing wrong but said they had loosened things up so it should be better ……..

The following year we needed to reverse on a field of mud on a slight incline but again it wouldn't move ( No wheel spinning either in 2 and 4 wheel drive 'very strange' again just like the diffs have locked) and what a smell and smoke was everywhere I really thought if I continue the clutch would explode , so again I stopped and pushed the van by hand (Spent most of the holiday hunched over and not able to walk very far with a bad back )…….Could there still be a problem with the braking system on the van? …………. :headbang:

On reading an X-Trial 'On Test report' November 2008 issue of Camping and Caravan made alarm bells ring in my head as thier 2008 Dci had blown the cutch and also needed the flywheel replaced doing exactly the same thing …... 'I'll wait till the new caravan arrives then I will know for sure' …….

This year was time for a new 2009 caravan with the all new bailey stability control system ……… Still it will not reverse on a slight incline …… :frown:

This to me is Proof that it must be the X-Trail so made an appointment with Nissan they say we have had no other problems reported like this ( Gave them a copy of your 'On Test X-Trail report' but they say its not the same car ) .They do a diagnostics test and find nothing wrong with the clutch - with a cost to me of £39 …….. :bigcry:

I got fed-up trying to argue my point of view they say they need the caravan as well I give up as the caravan will reverse on the flat and only seizes up on a precise angle of incline ……Would they find that angle ? I could end up spending all our time and money trying to sort this out , if it was still in warranty I would continue (How I wished I had started with the car testing first)…….. :roll:

We have now had a motor mover fitted to the caravan and if the ground looks on a slight incline I don't even attempt to reverse it ………. I did read in a forum somewhere that Nissan say that it is not designed to be reversed in 4 wheel drive and when I asked at Nissan they confirmed this is correct - But I can't find anything in the user manual or anywhere on the car that says this - Can any of you guys?

Our X-Trail has 14,500 miles on the clock now as we only got it and use it to tow our caravan ( Which it does very well in forward motion ) This is a great all rounder and I love it, if only I could reverse the caravan .......

Any Ideas what the problem could be? .....
Any feedback would be cool guys :biggrin:

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Never had a problem with mine (2004 Pageant and X-trail). This sounds really odd... I would imagine the new Baileys have auto reverse on the couplings (so it doesn't compress and apply the caravan brakes) when reversing. However, that said both my father and brother in law had to have new clutches fittes to their santa-fe's last year due to trying exactly the same thing.

Maybe the coupling is not working properly?
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