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The CD player has just stopped loading and ejecting CD's and also stopped playing the CD's which are currently stuck in the unit. It sounds like the changer is trying to eject but its just not happening, the radio is working perfectly and the display is OK so theres no problem there. Its a standard factory fitted 6 CD multichanger.

Does anyone have any suggestions as I dont fancy taking into Nissan to be landed with a massive bill?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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What your describing sounds like a jammed CD, other than hoping it free's itself, have you though of taking it to an ICE specialist?
I've had three of these rubbish CD players since new, all had the same fault of cutting out while playing CD's, even the latest one does it, I've given up and plug an iPod in via the cassette desk now.

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:headbang: :headbang:

Cant get the CD 6 player out?

Removed all the plastic at the front, still can't see how to get the CD unit out??
Just the big side bits left there a release? just cant find one.
Anyone know???

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