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Hi everyone ! Been an X-trail owner for the last 18 months.
Very satisfied, but got a problem that one of you maybe able to help ?

The car is mainly used for the dogs taxi, as well as my daily run around.

I have 3 black labs, and not long ago one of them decided to eat the boot floor ! :bigcry:

Its the 2008 version which has a shelf over the drawers, it's the first one I need that hinges up.

I have been looking everywhere for a replacement as I didn't want to go direct to Nissan if I could help it, just missed one on Ebay that went for £25 !...another :bigcry:

If anyone knows of a relacement or anyone who might have one lying around, pleeeeese email me or I can be contacted direct on 07886 439047

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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