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Hi, new to this forum and X-Trail's so not sure of the diff between T30 & T31.

Anyway, I'm in the process of buying a 06 DCi X-Trail. The problem is I've just discovered Nissan made a 2WD version only and the one I'm buying appears to be one of these. The main reason for the SUV is to occasionally tow a car transporter and for the load space in the back but most of the time it will live on the road. My question (I know I took a long time to get their :D ) is I wont really be doing any serious off-road, maybe the very occasional wet/muddy field. Will the 2WD version very quickly run out of talent or can it still handle a bit of off-road. What do you think should I forget about this car and get one with 4x4.

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Welcome to the very quiet forum!

The T31 is the latest model with range of engines 2.0 Dci (150hp -173hp) 2.5 petrol(169hp) The previous T30 had a 2.2Dci producing 136 hp and a petrol 2.5 producing 165hp. The new models came in early 07.
I have heard of these only 2 wheel drive models designed for people who wanted the height or space of the vehicle but were never going off road. My dealer poo-pooed them !! :lol: Most X-trail drivers drive in 2 wheel drive mode anyway to save fuel but if you pull a trailer,caravan ,launch boats etc you have to switch to 4wd . It spreads the power evenly and stops the wheels spinning with its traction control.
You can turn it off, put it into 2wd and all sorts of fun happens. Probably not want you want to do at the caravan club meeting! Having said that any car competently driven can cope off road and front wheel drive cars are better than rear wheel ones .It would be worth checking to see if it is possible to lock the differential as you can on the 4wd version. If you are towing a car trailer with a car on it at a T-junction on a hill on a wet day, you might wish you had bought a 4wd version!

If it was me I would avoid it unless the price is so good.Remember they were about £2,500 - £3,000 cheaper when new than other models.Also prices of all 4x4 are falling and the X-trail has been caught up in it as well .eg, I traded my 05 X trail 2.2 Dci with 35,000 miles back in june for £11,500 against a new one with £1,800 off the list price. A friend of mine went to Blackbush car auctions 2 weeks ago and saw two go through,same year ,same mileage at £5,500 each! Ouch!

Hope that helps.
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