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Hello All

I have a 2002 2.2d sport, manual, it currently has 39k on the clock.

I have had the car about 18 months it had 24k on clock when i bought it and it has full serv history. I have always driven in 2wd.

Today, i used 4wd due to the snow and ice on small roads. I had then to drive on motorway, to work, so just left 4wd on and at about 15 miles into journey at about 60/70mph, the 4 wheel drive lock light came on on its own. I immediately put into 2wd. Same happened on way home. Road was clear of snow, some tiny patches of ice nothing major.

When I reached end of motorway, switched back to 4wd for dual carriage way, lock didn't come back on.

Can anybody help? is this serious?

Thanks in advance
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