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Hi. I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help me on this one.

I have been experiencing juddering whilst driving my 52 plate Nissan X-Trail. Generally it is more noticeable on the motorway around sixty miles per hour when i apply light acceleration. Last week my wife was driving at about 30mph when she had severe juddering before she had loss of power and an orange light illuminated. She tells me that her foot was to the floor and she had to crawl the vehicle home.

I had a look at the car some hours later and the car drove fine other than the juddering. There were no warning lights on so i am unsure of the exact light.

I have just had the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter and oil changed and am still having the juddering under light acceleration.

Has anyone had this issue or any idea of what it may be.

Thanks in advance.
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