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So, this has been a bad few weeks and it's just getting worse!!!

A couple of weeks ago we had a puncture in the front drivers side. New tyre, not a problem, £60.

Booked in for a full service - 2003 03 2.2 SVE with 118,000 miles. The service ended up at £240 because of four hours labour, but the car ran like an absolute dream, better than it ever has done in the 15 months we've owned it. The downside was that during the service they found that one of the sumps was pourous and needed replacing, and that the power steering assembly was spewing power steering fluid all over the radiator. Bu**er! Oh, and the other three tyres needed replacing, too!

So this Monday it went in for the work doing, except the tyres, and last night went to get the new tyres fitted. On the way there there was a very intermittent shrieking which was over so quickly you couldn't work out where it was coming from - quick look in the garage and couldn't see anything, and today the noise had gone.

Then, to celebrate half term, left work early at two o'clock this afternoon, pulled out of the car park and there was an almighty metal exploding against metal noise and the car lurched forward like it was going over a speed bump or a wheel had dropped off. Managed to get to the side of the road with lurching and clunking, and there was oil pouring out of the bottom of the car at the front. After a rather hysterical tearful call to the garage and then to Greenflag, up on the ramp in the garage the assessment was that the front differential had gone (judging by the massive split down it and the oil leaking out!) Can't find anything out about front differentials, it's as it they don't exist, only rear ones - which appear to be well in excess of £2000.

So, that's that really. Got a lift home and now I don't quite know what's going to happen! :bigcry:

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:biggrin: By heck when you post a problem you throw the lot in dont you... :bow:

I have just posted in Problem and Bugs about the ABS sensor, :oops: my problem pails in to insignificance against your. :sad:

I am sure we are all very sorry to here your bad bad luck, :shock: on what is obviousley a lovely car.

Please keep us informed as to the outcome of you adventure into the unknown regarding the FRONT diff, as it appears we all have one but NISSAN seem to think otherwise.... :headbang:
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