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Firstly, I've just joined the site after just netting my first Xtrail!
After having a disaster with a Freelander? The nissan at least starts !!!!

I've just bought the car from someone who showed me the flashing air bag light/
He told me that the battery had been disconected for some time and that this will flash until i take it back to have it reset.

Is this right? i can't find it in the handbook?

Its a 2.0ltr sport petrol 2003.

Thanks. :roll:

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One of my old Focus' had the airbag light on all the time. Spoke to Ford and they said they checked it all and it must be a faulty connector and not to worry :eek: anyway it had a back end shunt several months later, just a bumper and some paint but the repairers wouldn't let it be signed off till they stopped the light. They told me they plugged the computer into it, went to the menu and reset the airbag light. Fixed. Now why didnt Ford do that :!:
So hopefully they may be able to reset it quite easily, but I expect it will still cost an arm and a leg from a Nissan dealer, maybe worth going to a garage that specialize in computer diagnostics. Good luck in getting it fixed.

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