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Hi everyone
Great to see another good site
Julie's my name, almost 60, single no kids. Live in Far North Queensland with lots of rain over the summer months, the Big Wet. So have a set of Cooper CS4s which are brilliant in the wet cutting through deep puddles, and like glue on bends in the dry. 80,000km in two and a half years and she hasn't missed a beat. :D
Bought my exxy in October 2005, so she's a 2005 model ST Manual Platinum in colour. I left almost immediately on a long trip from Brisbane in south eastern Queensland to the Far North and over to Darwin (top of Australia) in the Northern Territory, and backwards and forwards a few times.
Ready to buy a caravan, so would welcome suggestions and things to be aware of. Semi retired but looking for work in the outback, just for fun. :lol: :lol:

PS Hi Scottie - I'd like to start up a thread about caravans, in relation to the exxy modifications, handling, etc and other things to be aware of - where should I post it please?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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