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I went to Arnold Clark in Inverness the Citreon one to view an Xtrail they told me it was in tip top condition with full service history and had been MOT'd the previous afternoon because I live in the Remote West highlands I didn't want a wasted trip.

However when arrived I examined the vehicle to find the rear nearside wheel arch was badly corroded and blistered. I checked under the bonnet and found the intercooler was leaking oil everywhere. The brake pipe under the rear fuel tank had been covered in copper slip to hide the corroded piped this was on a 54 plate vehicle.

I walked away and VOSA examined the pipes at the very least they agreed the MOT should have highlited the corrosion as an advisory. Selling cars in that condition is just wrong. :cry:

Anyway I trundled over to the Arnold Clark Peugeot garage and found it was them who had MOT'd the one for Citreon. I'm not one to bear a grudge the staff were great at Peugeot so I settled on an 05 plate vehicle. The trouble was when it arrived the intercooler was leaking oil and I noticed the flexi brake pipes to the calipers were corroded at the bango fittings £35s a pop I wasn't happy. After threatening to pull out of the deal they eventually agreed to sell me the vehicle once it had been sent to Perth Nissan for a new intercooler and they will supply me new flexi pipes. However! becuase of the cost of fitting the pipes "in their own garage" they refused to fit them. They will only supply them to me so I can fit them myself! :shock:

Good job I am a mechanic otherwise some poor sod would have had a huge bill on first service. to replace the brake pipes which are Nissan Parts only.

I didn't have time to trundle around garage after garage looking for the best deal I live in a very remote area in West Highlands so any shopping trip is a day's travelling. For this reason I settled with the garage to purchase the Xtrail.

I'm glad Vosa went round to inspect the car at their Citreon garage for me a good bunch who will have given the garage something to think about regarding the standard of their cars before they let them go to an unsuspecting public.

Cheers H

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I would like to add that the deal was to have the car with a years MOT when I picked it up it was MOT'd in April and had an advisory warning on the MOT guess what yep they lost the advisory document so couldn't tell me what the problem was! :evil:
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