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I like my 18" Murano alloys but I've been disappointed with the ride quality from the tyres that were fitted. I decided I'd like to try a bigger radius as the speedo reading has always been on the side of 'optimism', so I thought it would work out, and also there seemed to be room in there!

I found a set of 4 brand new tyres on ebay, freshly removed from a Cheverolet Captiva that had upgraded to 20" alloys from new. The owner had been given back the originals and was selling them cheaply - I was the only bidder and got 4 brand new Dunlop SP Sport 270's (summer tyres) for less than the retail price for one tyre. I love ebay sometimes!

The size is 235/55R18 and they fill the wheelarches very well, a bit like the pictures of the original X-Trail concept:

Compared with the smaller wheels that ended up on the production model:

I'm pleased with the result. and the ride quality is very nice now. But also worth mentioning is the fact that you probably couldn't go any bigger on the radius. There is still room for the front wheels to steer, but only about half an inch!

I had to upsize the spare wheel, too. I had a 16" steel wheel so I fitted a 215/70R16 tyre to keep the rolling radius the same, and because it's 215 section it goes under the boot floor no problem.

I'll post some better pictures soon. Going on holiday to Germany in a week, so plenty of chances to take some pictures of the beast!

Oh, and I sold the other tyres on (which were slightly past their best, although not worn that much), - so all in all it's been a result. Nice fresh rubber on the car for very little money!
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