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Just finished doing the front discs and pads on my wifes 2002 2.2 diesel. Trying to do the rears but I am stuck. I have removed the caliper and caliper housing and pads, loosened the handbrake thingy with a screw driver, but the disc won't come off. There is a MASSIVE bolt in the middle of the wheel, this doesn't have to some off does it? The disc spins, is it just stuck to the plate thing behind it? Brute force, if not is there a how to, I have searched.

Thanks for any help, starting to rain now, so wheel is going back on for tonight!

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When I asked at the Nissan dealer the other day, they said you dont need to remove the nut or the split pin to remove the discs, and looking through the ESM it doesnt mention it either. So I suspect it could just be stuck on, a bit of gentle persuasion may be in order.
I will be attempting my brakes next weekend, so if you have any tips please post them.

Good luck
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