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Hi everybody,
The first my request is:Excuse me for my non perfect English! :bow:
I am a new member and hope you accept my regards from BG.
So,I am one of the owners of Nissan X-Trail-"Columbia", 2,2dci,136hp, ,who meet the common problem with "Denso diesel injectors" ,used in this engine and described in the most popular forums for Nissan. Due to this reason, the 3pc.injectors of my car need to be replaced with new one. Can anyone help me with information for the best offer -where in EU or UK I can find it for the best price?/ in Ebay are not present/.In BG the price is v. high!
Additional Details:
I am the second owner of the car,and the present "km" are: 138 000km.
The car is out of the guaranty since 04/09.
The car is year-2006,and the part number of the injectors I am looking for is: 16600-ES60A /pdf/

Thanks in advance!

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Hello there,
You could try contacting denso europe direct or Feather Diesel who are a Nissan Approved supplier/Repairer, but unfortunately the one you need aren't repairable! From memory I think injectors are about £300 over here.
Feather Diesels Head Office:-
Unit G12, Lock View
Lowfields Business Park
Elland, West Yorkshire
Tel: 01422 387800
Fax: 01422 378787
Email: service

Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 06.00-17.00
Saturday 07.00-10.00

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Thanks ever so much!!I am waiting for another offers by your side. ;-)
You were really helpful.
I am always online if you need smt or want some inf about Nissan.
Write me :thumbs:
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