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Mmmmm..Wondered about diesel freezing last week,asked at local BP/M&S what temp their fuel ok to,got blank look :frown: Guess problem with waxing could jam up feed pipes,especially under car near tank or could constrict a dirty filter(think it should be changed every 2 years or 24000miles,but is an extra on the 2 year service so not always done,changing B/fluid is same!!)Dealer didn't do mine on 2nd service(mind you I reckon they charged for it) and it went into limp mode about 2000miles later.Then did it again at 40000miles (16000 later)blamed on Tescos fuel :confused: Now use BP Ultra or Shell? Expensive.Plus an occasional slug of Injector cleaner, but not as expensive as they use on a service. :sad:
Drive an HGV parttime,firm often take cars to Colmis(N.Sweden lat 66/home Milton Keynes lat 52)for testing on frozen lakes(Jan/Feb).Always make sure truck tank nearly empty when arrive in Sweden and fill up with theirs/expect theirs to cope with lower temps,don't fancy lighting a fire under the tank :biggrin:
Getting warmer here now but how do you Guys further North eg Scotland manage?
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