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What was thought to be an injector problem has turned out to be a warped Flywheel.
This according to Nissan is a common problem on the x-trial from alot of towing and 4x4 driving.
The sympton was a very eratic idle and vibration. After replacing the ridiculously expensive injectors, the rough idle and vibration is still there. According to the chief mechanic at Nissan, this is common on the Dual mass flywheel used on x-trails.
I thought the injectors were over priced, the flywheel/clutch assembly which is all one is even more +-GBP2000.
Has anyone done a solid cluch conversion?

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Wife's Volvo V40 had one of these.Got clutch slip at about 130kmiles ,didn't have time to change it myself,got a hell of a shock at the price ,think about £1200 fitted,about£1000 more than I expected.Think most modern cars now have these fitted.Bloke who did it showed me all the bits,seemto remember on his recommendation(and Volvo's) fitted new flywheel as well.
About 5K miles later car written off :bigcry:
Haven't heard of this problem before with an XY,what mileage has it done?

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It's only done 38k miles. But it happened driving in Mozambique. (lots of 4x4)
If you google "x-trail Dual mass Flywheel" it appears this is a common problem.
Originally it was thought it was injectors because of contamination of bad diesel in Mozam (third world country).
Do you have any idea how much the flywheel costs in the UK? It might be cheaper for me to bring one in myself.
My friend at Lexus informed me that they convert some of their models to solid flywheels because of continuos faliure.
I was hoping I could do the same with my XY.
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