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Just joined the forum as I have a major issue.
My 2004/04 2.2 dci refused to start recently, and I have been told that the engine is 'worn' and needs to be replaced. I am in discussion with Nissan GB.
I can see from various websites including this one that the X-Trail does tend to suffer turbo failures, but has anyone ever heard of a similar catastrophic engine failure?
The car has a full dealer service history.

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Hi Bucko,
Sounds a bit extreme and that they have a spare engine they need to get rid of !! I have traded my T30 05 2.2 dci with 35000 miles on the clock for a T31 .I had no problems but I had heard of turbo failures, which can be due to stretching service intervals,which I am sure is not in this case. What do they mean by "worn" .An engine like this should be good for 130-150,000 miles depending on engine hours.I do 20 mph average meaning my 12,000 miles is 600 hours behind the wheel for the year. Only lack of /contaminated oil ,or blocked feed lines would cause severe ware to make it "worn" at 30,000 miles. No -I have'nt heard of this with any T30 engine especially as it has chain driven cams and not rubber belts as most other cars have,but even the rubber ones last to 50,000 miles and if they fail you then have a catasrophic engine failure!
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