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Appologies if I'm going over old ground, just found this site and am very impressed with everybodys input.

Anyway back to the subject.

I have a 2005 X-Trail SVE with factory sat nav installed. I recently went in search of an upgrade DVD and managed to get the latest version Map code EOE 363R 25920 JU40A DVM-1405E.

The DVD is lilac in colour with black writing and is from NAVTEQ via Ebay.

The problem I have is when I insert the DVD it tries to load and then says disc error. Ive tried installing the CD that came with the vehicle, then wnen prompted to load in the DVD still no joy.

I was thinking of popping down to my local Nissan but came accross this website 1st and thought if people on here don't know, nobody will.

My thoughts are is this disc a copy or is it not as simple as ejecting a 2005 DVD and inserting a 2008 one. The seller was genuine and I'm 99% sure the DVD is the real McCoy.

I welcome anybodys input, experience and comments please

Cheers a frustrated MBC :headbang:

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At the risk of talking to myself :lol: I have been trawling through the posts etc and think I may have stumbled onto something.

My 2005 system is Birdview. Have Nissan upgraded from Birdview now making this new DVD I have incompatable?

Or is Birdview still current?

Answers on a postcard please as I think I'm slowly going mad :bigcry:

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The bad news, is that there are no update maps available for the 03 - 05 sat nav systems. The only way to get an updated map in your car would be to rip out the system and replace it with one from a later car. In fact, I heard that the disc that is in the system is no longer available to buy, so look after the one you have!

The disc you have will probably work in a later model (Aventura)

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Thanks Chap I am in the process of selling said DVD back to the drawing board... :mrgreen:
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