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Hey guys, not been on here for ages, after some info on the fault code C1118.

A little of what happened:
Started my car as usual yesterday and instantly what felt like the abs pump/control unit made a noise (running a diagnostic check perhaps?) and the 4WD, ABS and ESP warning lights came on. Could feel it through the brake pedal a little too. It does this 'test' every time the engine is started. With these lights on, the system is now of course in permanent 2WD.

Out came the Foxwell code reader and other than the usual P2A00/$07E8 o2 sensor circuit range/performance bank 1 sensor 1 code, after some manual ABS code testing (didn't find it in autoscan) I found the code C1118 4WD System. Cleared the codes, but upon starting the engine again, up pops this code and rinse and repeat.

I finally found the code in the workshop manual and found THIS page.

Anyone on here had this issue before? Are there any replaceable parts for this 4WD control unit (relays/fuses etc) or ABS actuator?


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