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Hello All

I have just had my 48K 56 plate X trail adventurer into a garage as the front Drivers side brake was rubbing and starting to drag on the disc. I am told the Calipers needed changing at £275. I have been speaking with Customer services and since this is a non Nissan dealership they cannot do anything regarding this. I am going to take the old caliper into the Nissan Dealership and have a discussion with them regarding this. Is there any other history of this that anyone on this site knows about ? Is there any warranty issues regarding this. My car is 1 month outside of Warranty and has full Nissan Service History up until this issue ( as I need my vehicle to travel away to work so I needed this fixed ASAP ) :headbang:

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Mine just failed the MOT for this exact reason 2 weeks ago.

I simply took the old brake pads out, pressed the brake pedal fully down to reveal the full piston, rubbed the gunk off and then coated them in copper grease. Pushed the pistons back into the caliper, Fitted new brake pads, problem solved.
Passed the MOT retest the next day.
Took half an hour to do both sides and only the cost of the new brake pads.
I'd be suprised if you need a whole new caliper, and if you change one, you should change the other side, so thats gonna be a big bill.
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