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Hi there,

Just ordered some chrome Bull Bars from ebay for my 05 X-Trail SVE. It comes with the fittings etc.

However I just wondered if these were simple to fit in general terms, as I had a real performance fitting the side bars, which was a pig of a job to be honest and one I would not recommend if short of patience.

All help greatfully received

MBC :bow:

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Before you take it out of the wrapping I would check how much it might affect your insurance - and indeed if you can get cover, as some models have been made illegal - ie you can not fit A bars or cow bars to your motor even though dealers sell them and older cars can have them fitted !!!!!!! :headbang:


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Cheers Rob, but in my case I am a Motor Trader with Trade Insurance that covers a multitude of minefields, but duly noted anyway... :thumbs:


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lucky suppose by any chance that you know the full regs ???
To my knowlege Rob each insurance company has it's own take on these things. Some insist on the bars being to EU standard. Some accesories company's will issue an EU standard gaurantee, but 80% of them do not.

I guess the answer is check with your own insurer first to see where they sit on the issue?


MBC :-?
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