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Hello everyone
Im new to the site and to x-trail ownership sofar im enjoying both. I have a query i was hoping someone could help me with regarding my fuel gauge. I have a 53reg T30 2.0l petrol and have noticed that as i get to about 1/3 of a tank my fuel gauge drops down to empty after only about 30-40 miles. Touch wood ive not ran out of fuel yet but the problem is very annoying. Has anyone else had similar problems and is there a fix (I was thinking it could be the fuel sender unit £££s)

Thanks everyone

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Hi just had a look at my fuel sender units checking for lose connections. nothng found but i thought i,d put the photos online so people can see how to get to them.

Photos taken in order on a camera phone so not awesome quality but you get the idea.

1) lift up the back seats
2)Remove the back seats using the flip down losking pin (Not necessary but gives you more room)
3)Seats removed
4)lift the carpet you can see the two grey top covers
5)Near side cover
6)Off side cover (both can be removed using a flat head screwdriver turning the 4 retaining clips clockwise)
7)Off side cover removed
8)Unplug the connector
9)Near side cover removed
10)Unplug the connector
11)Unplug the fuel line (Take care fuel will leak back down fuel line)
12)Remove retaining collar anti clockwise (both of my collars were very stiff)
13)Sender unit removed (off side)
14)Fuel tank
15)Off side unit
16)Near side unit & pump
17)Near side unit & pump

Reverse procedure to assemble takes about 20mins.
Hope it helps
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