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I've only had the car for two weeks now and you may or maynot have seen my post about the Air bag/srs light flashing.

Anyway, took it to Marshall Nissan Cambridge.......they reset the light for me....did a check of the cars condition, topped up the brake fluid (they said it was a bit low?) told me the car was in good nick with no other faults!!!

And the cost, don't worry about that sir? its on us. I gave him the price of a drink and said thanks.

great service and nice people to deal with.

And the advantage over the Freelander? it starts! it drives better, its got more room inside.
(the freelander broke down 7 times in 9 weeks, great eh?)

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Hi had to take our 1st xtrail to the dealer in newport with warped discs only 6500 miles on the clock..thay took so long to get back to us that we had to fit new discs and pads .the dealer did get back to us and said sorry for the will replace the the discs but as we had already had them done was no good to me.. but i must say thay were on the ball when the intercooler started to leak oil.had it done asap. so wessex newport were ok better than most ......
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