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Well guys, I got my Exy T31 a little over a month ago and I have been on holiday testing it out. :)

Nissan X-Trail T31 173 DCI 'TEKNA' Manual Reg'd July 2010

First impressions: Well built, comfortable, roomy and fast.

Opinion so far, awesome.

I have to say, I looked at cars for about 6 months before getting the Exy, and nothing came close. (Except some 4x4's with a £50k price taf)

Everything in the medium 4x4 market was too small or too basic. But not the Exy, it has the greatest space of them all. (That boot is perfection)!!

What makes the car perfect? ? ?

Boot is MASSIVE.
Pleanty of room in the back for passengers.
Ride quality is smooth and controlled.
Leather seats are the ultimate in comfort. (And heated)
Sound system is great.
HDD sat nav / music server is WOW!
Straight line power delivery rocks.
Sitting height / position is perfect.
Panoramic roof is loved by all passangers.
Looks awesome with the 18" alloys.
Nissan dog guard fits perfectly.
Tinted windows look slick.

Not so perfect? ? ?

Heating system a bit slow to 'heat'. (Driving at higher revs speeds it up)
Rear boot floor easy scratched by my dogs.
Baggage hooks in the boot too low down. (Can't hang bags from them)

Thats everything really. I recommend the Exy to everyone wanting a bargin, and it's more than we deserve for the money.

I have attached some pics. :)


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Hi Valen,
Same model as my April 2010 reg. I'm pleased overall too. I get 38mpg without trying too hard. No problems yet just some niggles about the dealer's and Nissan's ignorance of the HDD satnav and music box, and some inaccuracies in the manuals. You can find threads on this board and the ICE board about it. I'd be interested to know if you find the same. Can you advise what map version your kit shows?
I have seen lots of stuff about the DPF causing grief and, though I tend to do more long runs than short, am a bit paranoid about it. (I never had DPF in my much loved T30)
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