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Bought my UK X-Trail 2.2 dCi SVE new in July 2005 to get me through a daily 100mile round trip to work. It ran perfectly apart from a replacement turbo (I guess everyones had that problem!).

I had a towbar, reversing sensors and headlight protectors fitted as options (within a month I had one of the headlight protectors smashed by a stone on the motorway but no damage to the light unit so they do work and are worth the money).

In 2008, I moved to France and re-registered the car there. Again the car was perfect for towing trailers and for the very rural area where I lived. I also did trips to the UK in one go, so the car would be driven for 12 hours with no problems, fully loaded.

I've now moved on to Gibraltar and decided to re-register the car there. It's probably not the best car to have here as this isn't a big place but resale value for a RHD in France is not good.

So my trusty X-Trail is destined to remain with me.

This is a great site and I've already received help from here (thanks Umbongo and Vandy) so can recommend this to any X-Trail owners.

Regards, Tony :thumbs:
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