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Hi x-trail-drivers!

My name is Rens, 21 years old and i'm from the Netherlands. I live at the coast so it's not that far from England :smile: Since 2007 i drive a new Nissan X-trail 2.5 columbia style edition (i don't know if you also have this version in the UK..??) and since than it has done 63000Km's. The x-trail is really a great car! It's pretty fast for such a big car and it goes pretty good threw corners thanks to the 17" alloys with 225-55-17 tyres :thumbs: I also have done a few things about my x-trail:

-xenon HID4300K light
-sport exhaust from cobra/sebring
-stainless steel plate on rear bumper
-bigger and better tyres (makes a lot of differance) 225-55-17 goodyear wrangler F1

My x-trail:

the xenon:

Here with winter-tyres (also 17")

I hope to speak to a lot of other x-trail drivers!

Greats from the Netherlands!


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Tnx Rob! Katwilk like Katwijk near by Den Haag etc? I live a bit more to the North (Castricum), it's very close to Alkmaar ;-)

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yes sorry for my spelling...been to alkmaar too, holland seems to be one of those countries that have a good idea then make a plan and then put it in to action....unlike the UK that just likes to tax 4x4...
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