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Hi I have just joined, my name is Paul and I have had an a T spec X Trail from new in summer 04, so far its got close to 100k miles on the clock. In the early years it consumed turbo chargers like there was no tomorrow, I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th !

Its also consumed an intercooler but apart from that its been good until today when I been told my by very efficient local garage that the rear sub frame bushes are shot and according to the local Nissan dealer you cannot buy replacement bushes, you have to buy a new sub frame at £800 plus vat, plus an eye watering amount of labour costs to remove the old sub frame and fit the new one :frown:

Does anyone know of a more economical way to fix the worn sub frame bushes ??????????

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Sorry to here about the bushes, but welcome to the forum hopefully someone here can help you out.

The only thing I can think of is the polyurethane bushes you get for the suspension mounts, but don't know if here are any for the sub frame. May be worth getting in touch with one of these companies to see if they can help.
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