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Read a lot of mixed reviews of the Nissan X-Trail but still decided in the end to get a demo '06 Columbia dCi. Had an MPV before but felt that a 4x4 was more suitable now. Tried a Sportage, Tuscon, Outlander before parting my hard earned cash. Was really worried about comments on the turbo/inter-cooler failure, juttering above 3,000rpm, bad fuel consumption etc. But after more than 2,000 miles, I must say that I am relieved that it has been a sound buy. The car does drive brilliantly, both on and off road. No problems with the engine (touch wood !), and I am surprised that I am getting between 36 - 42 mpg (in London ! - though this means not flooring the throttle, cruising down hills, and seldom going above 2,000rpm in town). With sky high diesel prices, I'm glad of this. I also take the advice of letting the engine run for a minute before switching off after a hard, long distance journey. The sat nav is fantastic (much better than all the previous Garmins I've own, especially in picking up TMCs). All in all, a great car to drive and own (so far !) - believe in the best reviews you have read on it - as I was sceptical at first ! ;)
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