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Hi to all you X trailers.
Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
After the major snow fall a few weeks ago that left where we live here in the Lot SW France with several inches and not a gritter in sight, my wife had to call out a mate with a Terrano to get her to the airport at Bergerac. She got there but they closed the airport. On the phone to her from England that evening she said...I think we need a 4x4.....standing up from having fallen off the chair I replied do you really think so?..grinning unseeingly from ear to ear!
YES !!!! just bought a late 2005 lhd 2.2 dci in beige metallic. its called a " 136ch confort" over here.
Panoramic sunroof - cruise control - cd/radio/dvd - new tyres 6 speed and 8 months warranty remaining - 55,000 miles - a couple of little scratches and some worse on the mirrors but really great condition. Spent yesterday washing and polishing everything with a mate..Drives beautifully and good performance.
Snow forecast this weekend here....MMmmmmmm!
Salut mes amis.
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