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Hi, I found this site whilst trying to find some info to fix the handbrake on my Xtrail 2.5 petrol. Had the car since it was sixth months old and pleased with car. My other vehicle is a Toyota Surf which I've owned since 2003 having been imported directly from Japan. My hobbies are DIY attempting just about anything as I work on the principle that I would rather spend the money on tools to do the job rather that have someone else fix it for me.

This brings me on to a problem i'm experiencing with the hand brake. I am going to service the car and have always thought that the handbrake is not very efficient especially when parked on an incline. To be safe a gear is always engaged as I fear that it may creep if I rely soly on the brake. Foot brake is fine last time pads were checked at last service a year ago they had plenty of life left in them. I have heard that the handbrakes are poor and it is a characteristic of the car but I find this hard to believe as it is a modern car with Japanese build quality. However, by my Toyota standards where even with the massive torque of its diesel engine will not move without dragging the rear wheels and they are drum brakes. I would expect discs to be more efficient.

Any help would be appreciated as to tech details or help. I have even heard that there is a separate set of pads for the hand brake which maybe someone could clarify.

Anyway thanks in anticipation of help and I look forward to conversing with you all here in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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