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Hi Everyone,

Got my Silver 55 plate X-Trail SVE DCi about a year ago. Traded in a Ford Focus ST 2.5 as I needed a more practical and economic vehicle. Also it is able to take the gear for my fiances horses a lot easier. Lots of bumpy tracks and the few odd big 'puddles', can just imagine the ST losing bits of bodykit with those.
Been lurking on the Oz forum and the Nissanforum, but not much useful info for the T30 diesel variant I have and its always those subtle differences that seem to stump you when working out in the cold driveway.
Looking forward to this forum building up into something really useful for UK owners.


P.S. Happy New Year to everyone

Hi Jamie,
happy new year and welcome to the forum from a fellow newbie. Hope to discuss topics with you in the future

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