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Early (2002) intercooler leaking oil mist. This model has pipe in/pipe out only with no sensor!
Nissan want a mint (£2K) to replace what is in fact, a small radiator. Cannot get it repaired as rad specialist (Express Rads) advise not feasable. Why is oil present there in the first place? Is it because of a faulty turbo?

Heavy black smoke from exhaust causing 'green' issues. Is there a connection?

Would love to solve problems as car is fantastic caravan puller & allround great car.
1st posting as cannot find way to introduce myself!


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Hi there sounds like the turbo. oil is being pushed into the intercooler thus black smoke you can pick up a new intercooler on ebay do a search this will not solve the problem with the turbo also try a site called put your details in for what you want,then they will contact you direct by email or phone. hope this is of help. regards mark :|
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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