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Hi I am new to the forum So hi everyone and thanks for having me.
I currently live in Spain and I have owned a T32 2014 Xtrail for the five years that I have lived here and I am Looking for help on the uk forum as my Spanish is not really good enough yet to talk about technical car issues.
The problem I have is my ac literally blows hot and cold. I can start it up and the ac works great for about ten minutes or so then the noise from the blower changes and the settings on the ac control panel change on there own and it blows out warm air. I can mess about with it switching it on and off then it will come back for a bit then off again and so on. Are there any known causes for this? When you google it the first answer is always check the gas, is the fan working and all of the obvious stuff which has all been checked as it’s been into nissans and when I got it back it was ok for a bit then went back to how it was.
Has anyone got any info on this as Nissan here are saying that there are no known faults recorded on these
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