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I used one of the Kennsington adapters in my last car as it had an aux in socket and worked really well. You get a little remote control unit that allows you to control tracks, etc., and it also charges the ipod. Now I know the X Trail doesn't have "aux in" but see the method below that may be of help to some?

Slide in the cassette adapter and fit the stereo coupler onto the end of it's plug. Plug in the Kennsington plug in the other end of the coupler. The Kenssington is an all in one jobbie and is part of the charger unit so plugs in the lighter socket. The Kennsington has a docking plug for the ipod which ensures you will get the best audio output aswell as full control charging.

Maplin JK05F Metal 3.5mm stereo coupler .

Maplin car cassette adapter

Kenssington liquiud aux ipod unit - see link below. ... B0011UK2HE

I have not tried this method and although it will work I've no idea about the volume level - because the ipod is output through the docking plug you won't be able to turn up the volume of the ipod. If it's low you'll need to turn up the car stereo so be careful when you switch back to radio as I've heard burst ear drums are painful :lol:

Hope this is of help to T30 owners who have cassette stereos and sorry to and T31 owners who obviously only have CD stereos. I know it's a bit Heath Robbinson but it works and is much cheaper than replacing the head unit and stops the problem of picking up local radio and taxis you often get with the FM type modules available.

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