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Hi folks, I have a 52 plate Xtrail on which the 2 key fobs are both starting to fail, I bought a 'refresh' kit from Ebay and fitted the new micro-switches, battery & cover but even this is starting to go (In fact, the circuit board on one has fractured slightly) so I need 2 new ones.

I seem to have 2 options:

Send the fobs off to a repairer (there are ones on Ebay) but I obviously would have to do one at a time so I could drive the car....


Buy a replacement fob and re-program it myself.

I favour the re-programming option as I'd be left with 2 brand new fobs (and some spare parts from my old fobs...). I did a quick search and came across what I think is the reprogramming guide but I wanted to make sure that it was the right one, for my vehicle etc.

Could someone point me in the right direction to re=program the fobs and any help/guidance on where and what to buy would also be lovely.

Many thanks

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