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My local Nissan stealership has told me from a recent so called "visual inspection" that I have a leak on my intercooler (at a repair cost of £1800) obviously I aint paying that, so..............what should i do? My main feeling is get rid of the car, but I'm a little concerned about how much I would get for it in the current climate. It's a 2003 DI SVE, how much is it worth? Any replies would be greatly appreciated. :(

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Hi - my local dealer noticed this when the car went in with a broken clutch (and for a service). Nissan were contacted and the intercooler was replaced for a net dealer price of around £275-£350 (I'd need to check). Nissan also refunded me ~ 80 which I think was 25% of the cost (as car was 4 years old).

Of course the clutch/service etc added a lot more to my total bill

I think Nissan are making the part available far cheaper than usual due to high incidence of failures

Meanwhile my cars started stuttering like crazy. Not too happy...
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