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Hi all,I am an X trail fan and have had the 06 model from new. It is used to tow a caravan which it does very well and am now on the brink of swopping to the new model and getting the auto version.
However I just noticed that the spec sheet gives a max. weight allowed for a braked trailer, of 1350kg with the auto. box but 2200kg for a manual..
This is such a relatively low figure for the that it would seem to rule out the idea of it being used to pull some mid sized caravans.(my current vans unloaded weight is given as around this figure.)
Can anybody offer any info. e.g. If you dont load your vehicle up to its max.payload limit (given in the spec sheet as an extra 550 kg.) Can you then add the difference to the trailer limit. In other words if your Xtrail payload is only 250 kg. could the trailer limit be increased by the other 250.
I cant see why not ,given that the engine and chassis are exactly the same in both the manual and auto. versions.
After all provided the combined car plus trailer weight is not exeeded how does the gearbox know or care .----or am I missing the point.
Any help would be most welcome. I find it hard to believe that such a wonderfull tow car in its manual version can be so restricted in its auto. version.
Regards Frank.

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Problem is with the gearbox. Nissan had alot of trouble in the early days with cracked auto gear boxes and reduced the weight you could tow.

Yes the max limit is 1350kgs and I had the same problem as you and bought a Bailey PageantS7 Monarch as this was the heaviest I could tow...wanted a Senator :frown:

Having said that it tows like a dream, you do not even know that there is anything behind you and mpg not bad.

Don't take the risk.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply Stephen.I asked the same question on the :What towcar: forum and their view was simply that its not legal.
Have just changed vans to this Swift 530 so I will have to stick with my manual gear crunching.Regards,Frank
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