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I have recently purchased a 2001 X Trail T30 2,2DI which has full service history and a true 74K on the clock the car has been garaged for 3 years due to bereavement,. I checked the car over and fitted new front and rear brake discs and pads, I also had new tyres fitted ( it still had 2 original tyres on) it passed its MOT with no faults or advisories.
The only problem I have encountered is lack of power, engine revs fine when stationary , no miss fires, knocks or rumbles, but the Turbo does not kick in when accelerating, it runs fine on the motorway but has no power to overtake.
Anyone had this problem, There does not seem to be a Turbo Boost Valve/Solenoid fitted ,
I was a automotive engineer prior to working in the oil industry for 25years so I`m little out of tough.
So please if you cant give me a sensible answer, don`t reply
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