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I have owned a 52 plate 2.2 diesel sport for 6 mths now and it has had a loss of power problem.
Most posts are for the more recent dci. Has anyone got missfire problems with an older XT?

The problem usually occurs at over 2300 rpm when you need a bit of oomf, i.e. pulling onto a motorway
or dropping down a gear to overtake. The engine 'holds back' but if you take your foot off the gas
and re-press the pedal then off you go, leaving a big black cloud of smoke behind you.

As advised by a mechanic I changed the fuel filter and filled it with injector cleaner, took it for a blast
down the motorway but the problem even occured whilst running on injector cleaner.
Also just had a problem with complete loss of power at low revs but this was rectified
by cleaning the EGR valve and intake but yes you've guessed it the other problem is still there.

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers Aid.

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aidfont. It's not 100% clear from your post, but did you change the fuel filter as recommended? or just used injector cleaner? I had a similar problem, and it did seem just like an EGR problem - so I strippedcleaned inspected and reassembled it, with no improvenment. I then changed the fuel filter, took it for a thrash, and bingo!

If you have exhausted all these avenues, I would recommend taking it to the dealers so they can plug in their analyser. Once you know what the problem is you can always decide not to have the work done there, and pay them just for the analyser diagnosis. ) should be £30-£45.

Good luck

Mad Dog
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