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Having the x trail has cetainly paid off in the last week or so.

Thursday, two dogs off to the hills. Loads of room for them and everything tidy because of the boot liner and dog guard.

Friday, boot liner, dog guard out. Off to the local skip/recycling place 4 times with loads of rubble.

Saturday. Off to Wales, 500 mile round trip for a motorbike cross/enduro weekend. The car was full with tools, sleeping bags, beds, beer, lots of beer, water, clothes, food, chairs and we picked up loads of fuel for the bikes as we got nearer. Did I mention the beer? The bikes travelled in another vehicle and my role this weekend was social guy/pit man until I pick up an off road bike. (only have road bikes at the mo)
Did 75% motorway to get there and 25% motorway to get back.

The site was an old quarry so the ground was a bit ropey and the x trail got used for taking kit to the pits including a huge awning.

The sleeping arrangements went a bit pear shaped due to the weather. So as I thought about where to kip (there was an option but I prefer my own sleeping space when not at home) I saw the back of the x trail. Would my bed fit in there?
Too right!! It was spot on, the weather was no bother and I had two very peaceful nights in there. The beer may have helped with the deep sleep though!!

Monday. Car packed up and home. Worked out the mpg and got an average of 39 which considering the weight and good progress is very good.

Tuesday. off to the skip again , another 4 times.

The x trail has been fantastic these last few days although the seat does get me at the lower back after 150 miles or so.

Heres a pic of the bedroom.


Yeah, I've slept in the back of the X-Trail a couple of times en-route Scotland to London, or Wales. Leave late, drive until I've had enough, crash out for 5 hours and continue. I'ts roomy !
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