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Hi All,

I've had four new (probably refurbished) alloy wheels fitted on
my 06 Aventura this week courtesy of Nissan, under warranty.

When polishing the car last week I noticed the lacquer on the
front offside wheel was flaking badly and the nearside front
was just starting to go the same. I visited my local dealers in
Stourbridge to ask if there had been any warranty issues with the
quality of the alloy wheels? They photographed the wheels and said
they would be in touch.

I received a call within two days to say that as a gesture of good will
Nissan would replace all four wheels.... Result :thumbs:
The car is actually 3 years old tomorrow so this is an excellent result.. :biggrin:

I must say that I cannot praise Westway Nissan in Stourbridge enough as
I have also had the EGR valve replaced by them under warranty. They even loaned
me a Nissan Note whilst they did the work, then delivered my car home later in the day... Topclass service.
I will certainly be going back in 2500miles for the next service..

It may be worth checking your alloys, for any flaking and asking at your
local dealership, if your car's still under warranty.... You never know??

It will be a shame to get them dirty this weekend pulling the caravan off a muddy
field if the local weather forecasters are to be believed... lol

akastiggy :thumbs:
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