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I have just fitted a Kenwood KDC-6047U to my X-Trail. This unit has a rear USB lead to attach iPod or USB drives, I have a 4GB flash drive in the glovebox with about 35CDs on. The unit has variable colour illumination so I have mine set with an orange screen and red keys to match the dash lights. Looks cool at night and sounds much better than the original.
Fitting took about 30 mins thanks to the excellent How-To's on this site. Thanks guys for your time and effort. The unit mounted to the original brackets, just had to tap the units with a similar sized bolt to enable the original screws to be used. I used a Celsus ASC2644 stalk adaptor Car Audio Direct (ignore that it says it doesn't work with the built in sat nav, it does) and a suitable adaptor lead for Kenwood head units. Plugged straight together and worked first time including steering wheel controls. As in Vandy's install the surround would not fit so I have left it off for now. If I alter the brackets so the unit protrudes a bit more it may fit, I will see if it bugs me first.
Next I want to uprate the speakers. I have a pair of Infinity components I had in my Alfa which I will fit when I have time. Already bought the adaptors that were recommended on these pages.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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