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I have just joined. Next week I am collecting a 2004 DCi Sport in black. Its done 62,000 and comes with a 3 month or 3000 mile warranty, and sometime between now and next Saturday I need to decide whether to buy an RAC extended warranty. I have read that these x-trails can have issues with intercoolers, turbos and fuel pumps, so in some respects it may be worth buying a policy. On the other hand I know how these warranty companies like to try and wriggle out of things when possible due to items not been covered for wear and tear. (Example, yes, we realise that your turbo has failed, but its because the bearings have worn out, and is therefore excluded from the warranty). Any views on used car warranties would be appreciated....thanks

The main reason for buying it was to tow a small horse box as well as doubling up as our family car. I also looked at a 2004 silver SVE which was nice, but I prefer black and I think the difference in cost of over £1200 between the otherwise similar cars was too much.

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