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Hello everyone

Well I have just purchased a 2004 X Trail Dci Sport in blue, with 48,000 on the clock.

Really pleased with the way it drives, much more civilised than the Freelander petrol and I was
hoping less agro than that.

Bought it from a dealer and within 5 days I had a horrid clutch smell.

I was pulling away car fully laden in North Wales, on a very steep incline, was loose gravel on the road
and I thought I was getting wheel spin, turned out by the smell to be the clutch burning and slipping!!!

Let it cool down and off again and car seems to drive ok, very slight judder in 1st gear on take up now, I am
guesing this is slight slip of the clutch on engaging. The other worry is now it stinks continuouly whilst driving it.
When you stop you get a real whiff of a sort of clutch smell?

Has anyone had this or any ideas, as I have returned it to the dealer and they say nothing wrong.
I accept it is a secondhand car with 48k on the clock, but I would have expected the car to not do this after
5 days. It was previously used as a tow car for a cravan, so maybe the clutch wss or is on the way out.

Would the continuous smell be the dual mass fly wheel? difficult to diagnose but any help much appreciated.
They have now sent to Nissan dealer for second opinion, but unless they remove the gearbox its difficult for them to
diagnose too I am guessing.

Thanks everyone in advance


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Hi lee from time to time we have all had this problem when towing or fully carrying heavy loads.i have had this when puting the caravan on a pitch. what i can tell you is that it will not cauase long term problems. regards mark :thumbs:

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Hi Lemon,

Welcome to the forum... :thumbs:

Have backed my van (slight uphill) onto my drive today,after
a week away in Devon. I had a burning smell from clutch, I did have
to take two goes at it this time... :oops:
It doesn't always smell, for me it's just a case of how I perform during the reversing.. Have had no smells at other times and when I've used the car after there's been no problem..

Good luck with your problem
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