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Am thinking of upgrading our old x-trail and saw advertised in a dealership from Staffordshire, "cheapest x-trail in the uk" - possibly 6k less - presumably imported from Northern Ireland or somewhere like that.
Would most people advise against? Anyone got experience of this? eg warranty same as usual? residual/resale value not as good in few years time??
interested in people's opinions. As it says "sve" model etc, does that mean it is not even the most recent model?
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Fantastic. Really pleased.
so, tell us more....
they're imported?
Are there any downsides? the same garages seem to sell full price models too.
Does the registration document look any different from usual?
Do you think the residual/resale price will be the same?

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Hi when you get your documents you are the second owner, thats how they are able to sell them cheaper.The money you save its worth it. Mine as all the bells and whistles on it and yes they are sourced from northen Irerland. The olny differance there is as I can tell is that it dose not say aventurer on the back even though its the same spec, maybe they carn spell it just like me. mine came with 4 miles on the clock when I picked it up, they regester it in there name and the swop it straight over to your name.
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