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Found this site following Ibster posting on

I only have a petrol 54 2.0 SE X-Trail pretty basic to be honest. I usually have all the bells and whistles when I have a car (last was a 2.0 Mondeo Ghia X Auto that had everything). However, when I first got the car 14 months ago she only had 10,026 miles on the clock and I just fell in love with the car straight away. She was previously owned by mobility finance and was absolutely spotless. She only has 17k on now and still cleans up pretty well if I say so myself. I will post some pix once I get out to clean her again.

My parents live out in Spain and purchased a brand new 2.5 petrol auto which of course has got all the extras you can jealous, never!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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