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Just thought I would introduce myself and hopefully glean a bit of advice before we buy an x-trail. Having mostly owned Vw's I'm a bit lacking in knowledge of the X-Trail but my girlfriend has set her sights on buying one.She originally fancied a Freelander,considered a Cherokee and then a Santa Fe was mentioned but the MPG figures on the X-Trail appear excellent so that looks to be the one to go for. She will mainly be doing road work but wants 4x4 capabilities for the moorland drive to work in the winter, plus the ability to tow a horsebox We're probably looking at an 02/03 diesel model. I understand there was an engine change around this time, with the newer version being more refined so I'd be interested in any views on which engine is best. Also are there any other issues with the mechanicals/bodywork I ought to know about when viewing prospective vehicles.
What are these cars like to live with and what sort of MPG return could we expect ? I find the figures quoted on paper quite surprising.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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