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Hi everyone.

Just bought an 06 x-trail columbia. Pretty happy with it so far - got a couple of things to get checked out on warranty but so far so good. Bit of a change from my previous car which was a seat leon cupra. Need something to tow my track car to the Nurburg ring (hopefully) if its ready nxt year and the g/f's horses and the XT fitted the bill. I stay up in Aberdeen so should be trying out the 4 wheel drive soon towing horse trailers in wet fields!!!

Any chance someone could help me out with something - on one of my many wanderings on ebay i purchased a genuine nissan dog guard. I have it but a little unsure of the fitting. Dont want to be screwing anything anywhere I shouldn't. Does anyone have a guide/pics or anything to help me out as to how it is secured in the back. My pooches are eyeballing my nice clean rear seats as a place to perch themselves during trips.

Any help appreciated



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Hello and welcome :)

I'm pretty sure I once saw a picture of the dog guard using the cargo net anchorage points. I don't think it needs any other fixing than that. Have you got a picture of it you could post?
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