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Hi everyone.

We are picking up our New X-Trail Aventura on Sunday on a 09 plate :biggrin: . We are looking forward having it and intend to use it for trips around Europe and Scuba Diving trips in the UK.

I am quite keen on Sat Nav and have been looking around the internet to try and find out what is fitted to the X-Trail and if there was any other company, such as Garmin or Tomtom behind it. I've not found out much except that there is a superb version available in Japan and that the UK version seems to be very expensive, or impossible, to upgrade; so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it performs. I guess the rear view camera is good anyway even if I decide to use another Sat Nav system :confused: .

On my wanderings around the internet I found this site and thought I would sign up at the start of my life with Nissan and, hopefully, add bits as I go along. My last experience with Nissan was using Nissan Patrols in the northern dessert of Saudi Arabia in the 80's.... so we shall see.

Yours Aye,

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